Flipping isn’t for the faint of heart. Witness the dramas faced by Jeff Lewis on “Flipping Out,” where high-ticket fixes and luxury-market dynamics make for nail-biting deal closings in LA. Or consider novice investors’ reality checks as they peel back plaster and learn just how much time or money their […]

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According to RealtyTrac, the Tampa MSA is ranked 4th for flipping volume and 6th for flipping returns, flips accounted for 7.4% of all sales and delivered 57.2% ROI to investors.

Coming off a year when home prices appreciated by 5.2%, the median home price is currently $141,000, still down from the 2006 peak of $210,000, according to Zillow.  Tampa is also seeing a surge in millennial homebuyers with 65% of Tampa home purchases in 2013-2014 being purchased by a millennial homebuyer.  Good news for flippers that can appeal to this emerging home buying demographic.

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