To: GE CEO Jeff ImmeltRe: Headquarters relocationDear Mr. Immelt,Nasty rumors have popped up that Florida might not be under consideration for your new corporate headquarters. To dispel such nonsense, we’ve taken the liberty of assembling several reasons why GE should move to the nation’s third-largest state, specifically, the Tampa Bay area. Hope you don’t mind.


Why GE should move to the nation’s third-largest state, specifically, the Tampa Bay area?

Quality of life, taxes and labor, regional identity and political leadership are all strong features the Tampa Bay area can offer.

With four major sports teams, the beaches and a year-round average temperature of 73 degrees, Tampa Bay offers rich options for employees to enjoy outside the office. The beaches and Stanley Cup hockey. What’s not to like? Have you been to Atlanta in August? Or January? A hint: If it snows, even a dusting, just stay off the road. It doesn’t snow here. Tampa International Airport is one of the best and most affordable in the world, with solid on-time performance and a growing portfolio of international flights. The downtowns in St. Petersburg and Tampa are alive with shops, apartments, parks, restaurants and museums anchored by the world-class Dalí Museum. The cost of living is relatively low and the community is safe, friendly and diverse.

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